'Interpretation of Attitude'

Samantha Coronel | 11 - 26 June 2021

In her first solo exhibition since moving to the Forbes Shire region last year, artist Samantha Coronel has drawn inspiration from what posture can reveal about a person.

“The pose in front of the camera is taken as one’s attitude towards life. The construction of the posture reveals rigidity, fluidity, distraction, sensuality, coldness, daring, indifference, sensitivity and even absence,” Samantha said.

“Sometimes I omit details to focus on the attitude and the emotion transmitted by colour. The attitude that represents us in every moment of life.”

The human figure dominates the Argentinian native’s collection of over 20 large-scale canvases, “generating a visual impact, filling the gallery with colour, strength and life that represents me”, Samantha added.

About Samantha Coronel

Samantha was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From an early age she showed an interest and an inclination for art and dance. She was accepted to study at the Manuel Belgrano National School of Fine Arts where she studied and immersed herself in the world of art. After graduating, she was swept up by dance and has spent more than two decades in the professional world of Tango. In the last few years, she has returned to visual art.

Many of Samantha’s works start from the idea of a colour, determining the spirit that the work will have. The composition is then chosen with lines marking directions and plane spaces created that support the principal idea.

Samantha is currently living in Forbes, NSW.